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File a Claim

General Claims

For general claims, complete the form and send it to us through one of the methods below:

Fax: 1-212‑979‑1278
Mail: Con Edison Claims Department
PO Box 801
New York, NY 10276

General Claim Form (PDF)

Formulario de Reclamo (PDF)

Modulo di Richiestra Risarcimento (PDF)

索賠表 (PDF)

배상 청구서 (PDF)


दावा फार्म (PDF)




Residential Spoilage Claim Forms

If food or medication went bad because of a residential outage, you can file a claim as long as it’s within 30 days of the outage. Send the form through one of the methods below:

Submit a Claim Online

Residential Spoilage Claim Online Form

Download a Claim Form

If you want to fill out the form electronically, you may need to open the forms in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download Adobe Reader for free.

Residential Spoilage Claim Forms (PDF)

Reclamo residencial por el deterioro de alimentos y medicamentos recetados (PDF)  

Risarcimento utenti residenziali per il deterioramento di alimenti e farmaci (PDF) 

住戶食品和處方藥腐壞損失索賠 (PDF) 

식품과 처방 의약품 훼손에 대한 거주자의 클레임  (PDF) 

Иск частного лица о возмещении ущерба, причиненного порчей пищевых продуктов и лекарств, отпускаемых по рецепту (PDF)

भोजन और प्रेस्क्रिप्शन दवा करे खराब होनरे करेसंबंध में स्नवासी का दावा (PDF) 

Reklamasyon Rezidansyèl pou Manje ak Medikaman sou Preskripsyon ki Gate (PDF) 

Wniosek dla osób indywidualnych o odszkodowanie za straty w łatwo psujących się artykułach żywnościowych i lekach na receptę (PDF) 

Αίτηση αποζημίωσης λόγω αλλοίωσης τροφίμων και συνταγογραφημένων φαρμάκων (Οικιακά περιστατικά (PDF)


Email residential forms to


Con Edison Claims Department
P.O. Box 801
New York, NY 10276



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Spoilage Claims Limitations

The company will reimburse residential customers for actual losses of food spoiled due to lack of refrigeration, up to $235 upon submission of an itemized list, and over $235 upon submission of an itemized list and documented proof of loss, up to a maximum of $540 for any one customer for any one incident; and for actual losses of perishable prescription medicine, spoiled due to lack of refrigeration, upon submission of an itemized list and documented proof of loss. If requested by the company, customers must submit authorizations to enable us to verify the claimed loss.


Commercial reimbursement is limited to perishable merchandise lost due to lack of refrigeration. You may file a claim of up to $10,700. Claims must include an itemized list and proof of loss.


PLEASE NOTE: All claims are subject to review. Whether or not a claim is deemed valid depends upon the circumstances of the interruption and the damage incurred. Only claims resulting from a loss of power for 12 hours or more within a 24-hour period will be considered. Unfortunately, losses incurred as the result of an outage caused by conditions beyond our control (storms, floods, vandalism, etc.) cannot be honored. All reimbursement is governed by General Rule 21.1 of Con Edison's Schedule for Electricity Service.