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Shop for Energy Service Companies

We deliver your energy, but where that energy comes from is up to you. You’re free to shop around and pick an energy service company of your choice. No matter what, we will read your meter, handle service calls, send you your bill, and provide emergency assistance.

What is an energy service company?
Energy service companies supply electricity and natural gas to homes and businesses throughout New York. Some of these companies may offer a lower price for energy (remember that these prices fluctuate), or they may offer green energy from renewable sources like wind, solar, and hydroelectric power. If you choose an energy service company, we will still deliver the electricity and/or natural gas to you.

What are the benefits of choosing an energy service company?

  • It’s your choice. Find the best energy supply for you.
  • Flexibility. Enjoy the freedom of being able to choose your own energy supplier.
  • Single bill. In most cases, your bill will show both your energy supply and delivery charges on one statement.
  • Special offers. Some energy suppliers may offer a fixed price or promotional discounts.
  • Alternative energy. Some offers include wind, solar, hydroelectric, biomass, and other environmentally friendly power sources.

Who is eligible?
All customers are eligible. We can help you choose an energy supplier for your home or business.

Some energy service companies have misled customers by falsely representing themselves as Con Edison employees, or by falsely telling customers that they need to switch to an energy service company within 30 days. Please be aware: We will never send a salesperson to your door, call your home or business, or threaten you with deadlines when it comes to energy supply. Switching (or not switching) to an alternative energy supplier is entirely your choice.

Before you sign up with an energy service company, check the New York State Public Service Commission’s scorecard, which shows how these companies rate based on customer complaints. Learn more on the Public Service Commission website.