Transmission Planning

Developer Welcome Kit 

If you’re developing merchant generator or merchant transmission projects, you’ll find general guidelines for connecting proposed facilities to our electric transmission system. 

Developer Welcome Kit (PDF)
Transmission Planning Criteria (PDF)

Transmission Planning 

We plan our transmission system 10 years into the future. You’ll find information on the Con Edison Local Transmission Owner Planning Process pursuant to FERC Order 890 and the relevant NYISO tariffs. 

In addition to this specification, all facilities, generation, and transmission, must be designed to conform with and adhere to all applicable NERC, NPCC, NYSRC Reliability Rules including NYSRC Local Reliability Rules, as well as applicable specifications, procedures, and guidelines.

Process for 2016 Long-Range Plan


Assumptions (PDF)

Analysis Tools (PDF)

Transmission Planning Criteria Used in the Development of the 2016 Long-Range Plan (PDF)

Long Range Plan (PDF)

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