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Energy Service Companies FAQ

Energy service companies are corporations that compete to sell you electricity and gas. They must be registered with the New York State Public Service Commission, and act solely as the energy supplier—we remain the energy delivery company. Different companies may offer different energy service options, incentives, and services designed to fit your needs. It’s important to shop around for the choice that suits you best.

Contact the energy service company directly and give them your 15-digit Con Edison account number to enroll.

It depends on when you signed up.

Your new electric service will start on your next meter reading date as long as you enrolled at least 15 days prior. Otherwise, your service will start on the meter reading date after that. 

Gas service will begin on the first day of the month, as long as you enrolled by the 15th of the previous month. Otherwise, your service will start the month after that.

Absolutely. We will still deliver your energy, read your meter, handle service calls, and respond to all emergencies.

There are multiple billing options available. You could choose to have separate bills for your supply and delivery charges, or to have one consolidated bill. Ask your energy service company about billing options when you enroll. Regardless of which option you choose, you’ll always have access to your utility usage and billing history.

If you’re unhappy with your supplier, you can switch back to Con Edison or enroll with a different supplier—but make sure you check the terms and conditions of your energy service company before making the switch.

The Public Service Commission tracks complaints or service issues related to energy service companies.

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