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How to Choose Your Energy Supplier

Energy service companies offer a variety of incentives, pricing models, payment options, and other services designed to fit your needs, some even offer clean energy solutions. Contact several suppliers and compare offers before you pick the one that’s best for you. If you decide to choose an alternative supplier, you’ll need to provide your 15-digit Con Edison account number to enroll.

A Word About Prices

Energy is a commodity that is bought and sold, so prices can fluctuate. To find out about an individual energy service company’s prices, please check their website or give them a call.

Tips for Choosing an Energy Service Company

1. Know How Much Energy You Use
In order for energy suppliers to plan for your supply needs, they’ll need to know how much energy you use during the year. You can find this out by checking your billing history in My Account.

2. Obtain a List of Suppliers
Find the energy suppliers that serve your area.

3. See How Suppliers Rate
The New York State Public Service Commission offers tips about the competitive energy marketplace.

4. Consider the Environment
Ask if the company supplies green power. Some alternate suppliers sell environmentally friendly energy from wind, solar, or hydropower plants. This option may cost more than energy from traditional power sources.
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Things to Ask

As you shop around, don't hesitate to ask questions, and make sure you're comfortable with how they're answered—it’s your right.


  • Is the price fixed or variable?
  • If it's fixed, is it guaranteed?
  • Does the price include taxes?

Terms and Conditions

  • What are the terms and conditions of the agreement?
  • Will these be provided in writing?
  • How long is the agreement?
  • Are there penalties for breaking the agreement?
  • Is a deposit required? (Under the New York Energy Consumer Protection Act of 2002, energy suppliers in New York are barred from requiring security deposits unless a consumer has a history of delinquent payments.)
  • Can I change price options later on?
  • Is there automatic renewal on the agreement?
  • Are there additional fees not included in the price quote?

Customer Service

  • What are the office hours?
  • What is the complaint-handling process?
  • Are there toll-free numbers?

Energy Options

  • Are environmentally friendly generation sources like solar, wind, or hydro power available?
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Find the Right Energy Service Company for You

Find energy suppliers in your area, and see what services they offer.
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The New York State Public Service Commission offers a quarterly scorecard that compares energy service companies based on customer complaints.

Check the scorecard and find more information on how to choose an energy service company at