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POWERREADY Electric Vehicle Program

We’re offering incentives that will offset some or most of the electric infrastructure costs associated with installing light-duty chargers for electric vehicles.
You may be eligible for incentives when you install level 2 and/or direct current fast charging chargers for light-duty vehicles. These incentives can lower infrastructure costs associated with preparing your site for electric vehicle chargers and receiving electric service from our energy grid.
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Program Application and Resources



Contractor Resources

Get access to helpful guides and other resources for contractors who install light-duty chargers for electric vehicles.

Program Registration

You must register before you can apply. Please follow the registration directions and training video.

Program Application

Submit your application to get started. Please follow the step- by- step program application instructions (PDF) and training videos.

Disadvantaged Community Incentives

Greater incentives may be available for sites located within one mile of Disadvantaged Community Areas.

Find or Become an Approved Contractor

Customer-side work must be completed by an approved contractor.

Electric Vehicle Charging Cost Calculator

Estimate your fuel cost savings and get help choosing the most cost-effective rate for your business. Review the electric rates explainer page and watch the EV charging cost calculator training video.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions about the application process, eligibility, and more.

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What to Expect

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  1. Find Out Your Eligibility Get started by submitting your application to initiate engineering review.
  2. Sign the Program Agreement Next, review and accept the incentive offer.
  3. Install Your Chargers Finally, upgrade your site’s infrastructure and energize your chargers then provide documentation and invoices to receive your incentive!
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What’s Eligible?

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Additional EV Incentives & Programs

Want to save even more? PowerReady program savings can be stacked with Con Edison EV programs, including:

As well as these New York State incentives:

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