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Gas and Electric Service Update Guide

Get step-by-step instructions for updating your service and learn about important safety precautions to take before starting a building renovation or demolition.

Gas and electric work must be completed by a licensed plumber or electrician, respectively.

How to Schedule your Service Update

  1. To get started, your licensed contractor will need to submit a work request through Project Center and you will need to register as a first-time user.
  2. About a week after we receive the work request, you’ll receive the name of the team handling your case and directions on how to submit questions during the project. You can find this and other case information in Project Center.
  3. After we review the request from your licensed contractor, you and your contractor will receive a customer service installation agreement (“service layout”) detailing our responsibilities, your responsibilities, and which Con Edison specifications need to be followed.
  4. Your contractor will ensure that your job site is ready for construction and then submit an interim or final checklist.
  5. Your Con Edison representative will do the final check to verify that the site is ready for service construction.
  6. When your job site passes inspection, your Con Edison representative will have our construction and/or meter department begin work.
  7. Your Con Edison representative will perform a final inspection and order final connections, meter installation, and meter turn-on.

If necessary, after we install underground electric conduits and/or gas service piping, your contractor will complete their work and:

  • Secure the necessary gas or electric certifications from the city or municipality
  • Submit your customer service application and/or deposit
  • Submit a pressure test affidavit (for gas jobs)
  • Submit a final checklist to your Con Edison representative


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Important Demolition and Major Renovation Safety Precautions

Leaving natural gas service connected could result in fire, explosion, and loss of life or property. It can also lead to undetected gas leaks that pose future risks.

What You Need to Do Before a Demolition or Major Renovation

For your safety, our meters and regulators must be removed, and gas service must be cut off outside the building before a demolition or major renovation can start.

Please let us know 45-60 business days before any work on your building begins so we can disconnect your gas service. Please call 1-800-752-6633 to let us know the type of work being done.

If you’re planning a demolition, you must:

  1. Call us at 1-800-752-6633 to close your accounts. All accounts need to be closed with a zero balance.
  2. File a demolition electric and gas case for the building address through the Project Center. You must submit cases for electric and gas regardless of whether you used these services. Note: To continue using electricity temporarily, please indicate this in your electric demolition case.
  3. Submit a notarized demolition letter signed by the building owner indicating that they wish to have both electric and gas services cut for demolition purposes with your electric and gas cases.
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