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Special Services and Protections

If you need special attention, we’re ready to help. Learn more about our free services for residential customers that can make your life easier.

If You Use Life-Support Equipment

If you or a member of your household use life-support equipment, we need to know so we can reach out in an emergency or power outage. It’s important to let us know even if you don't receive a bill from us because electric is included in your rent.

How to Register Life-Support Equipment

To complete your registration, your equipment must be certified by a medical doctor, nurse practitioner, physician’s assistant, or local board of health official within 60 days of our receipt of your information.

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If You Have a Medical Emergency

If you’re dealing with a medical emergency, the last thing you need to worry about is paying your bill. If you are hospitalized for 10 days or longer, let us know. We can arrange to give you extra time to pay your bill.

To complete your registration, your medical emergency condition must be certified by a medical doctor, nurse practitioner, physician’s assistant, or local board of health official within 60 days of our receipt of your information.

Log in to My Account to complete a Medical Emergency form.

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If You’re Blind, Visually, or Hearing Impaired

If you’d prefer to get your bill in large type or Braille, please call 1-800-75-CONED (1-800-752-6633) to enroll in this free service.

Hearing-impaired customers who use telephone-teletype equipment (TDD) can make billing and service inquiries through Con Edison’s TDD service at 1-877-423-4372.

Read our Accessibility Policy to learn more about our commitment to inclusivity and offering a best-in-class digital experience for everyone.

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If You’d Like a Third Party to Get Bill Notices

You can choose a relative, friend, or organization to receive a notice from Con Edison if your bill is overdue and your electric or gas service might be turned off.

The third party is not responsible for paying your bill, but may be able to help resolve the problem. Having a third party involved can be especially helpful if you are ill, elderly, live alone, or travel frequently. Please call 1-800-75-CONED (1-800-752-6633) for more information.

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If You’re 62 or Older, 18 or Younger, and/or Have a Permanent Disability

You may be eligible for special protections and payment programs. After you confirm your eligibility, you’ll receive an enrollment brochure in the mail with instructions to sign up for specific CONCERN program benefits, such as quarterly billing and enlarged and/or braille bills.

Sign up by logging in to My Account or by calling Senior Direct at 1-800-404-9097, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can talk to our specially trained representatives about your billing options, governmental assistance programs, and more. It’s free and confidential.

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If There’s Extreme Cold or Hot Weather

When the forecast calls for extreme cold or heat, we will not disconnect residential customers’ service.


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If You’re a Domestic Violence Survivor

If you are a domestic violence survivor and currently share a Con Edison account with your abuser, you have the right to opt out of your energy service contract without fee, penalty, or charge if you provide a written attestation. Please be aware that you may be held responsible for arrears incurred up until your name is removed from the account.


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If You Need Help Paying Your Bill

See our payment options page at Payment Plan and Assistance.

Resource Direct

If you need help signing up for My Account, using self-service, or getting payment assistance, please call 1-212-358-4565.

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If You Run a Religious Organization, Veterans Hall/Post, or Community Residence

If you run a qualifying religious or veterans organization, or supervised/supportive living community residence, you may choose residential or nonresidential rates for each service.

Email us or call 1-877-239-1999 to learn how your organization can lower its bills.

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If You Need to Update Your Building’s Emergency Contact Information 

If your building fits one of the following categories, we request that you update your emergency contact information semiannually. We’ll use this information to notify your building’s designated contact in the event of a service interruption.

Your emergency contact should be available 24/7 and should be knowledgeable about the electric facilities at the location. We require an individual’s name, not a switchboard or operator number, or security personnel.

Download the form and either email us, fax to (646) 654-2629, mail it to:

Con Edison
Attn: Central Support Operations
4 Irving Place, 10 FL/SW
New York, NY 10211-0493

Building Categories:

  • Emergency management offices (e.g., police; fire; EMS operations; communication centers; New York City Housing Authority; cooling centers; government agencies; emergency shelters; military bases; critical flood control structures)
  • Hospitals and emergency medical facilities
  • Licensed nursing homes and dialysis centers
  • Transportation facilities (e.g., tunnels; bridges; LaGuardia and JFK airports; ferry terminals; trains including Long Island Railroad, PATH, Metro-North, New York City Transit Authority, and Amtrak; fuel transfer and fuel loading facilities/ports)
  • Major utility and related facilities (e.g., Con Edison; National Grid; New York Power Authority; independent power producers; Verizon; community access television; charging stations)
  • Water pollution control plants and pumping stations
  • Research facilities
  • Prisons and correctional facilities
  • High-rise residential buildings greater than 150 feet (or 12 stories) in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island supplied by secondary service (non-vault) or a transformer
  • Residential buildings (6–11 stories) with an elevator in Westchester County
  • Large commercial or industrial–billed accounts with a demand in excess of 1,000 kW, high tension services, and 265/460v and 120/208v multibank installations
  • Major customers with demand greater than 1,000 kWD
  • Communications (e.g., radio, TV, telecommunications)
  • Event specific (e.g., arenas, stadiums, street fairs)
  • Facilities providing key products and services (e.g., food warehouse and delivery, pharmaceutical manufacturing)
  • Managed accounts, large employers
  • Government buildings, schools, and colleges
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