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Help Paying Your Bill

If you receive benefits from specific governmental programs, you may be eligible to receive monthly discounts on your energy bill and more.

Covid-19 Bill Protections

If you’re a residential customer and have experienced a change in your financial circumstances as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be eligible for special protections to avoid terminations in the future.

Under the law, if you are a residential customer and contact us to affirm that you experienced a change in financial circumstances as a result of Covid-19 starting on or after March 7, 2020:

  • We will not disconnect your service for non-payment before May 25, 2021.     
  • You will be eligible for a payment agreement or to request a new agreement that requires no down payment, late fees, or penalties.

To self-certify, you must attest as follows: “I attest that due to the COVID-19 state of emergency, which began on March 7, 2020, I have experienced a change in financial circumstances.”

To receive these protections, please go online, or call 1-800-75-CONED (1-800-752-6633).

Please note: Due to the pandemic, we are not turning off residential customers for non-payment now regardless of their financial situation.

Find out more about the law that provides these protections.

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How to Receive a Low Income Discount

You will be enrolled automatically if an agency notifies us that you receive benefits from any eligible program.

If you’re not yet enrolled, please submit documentation to verify that you’re receiving benefits from at least one of these programs. Please email us, fax (212) 844-0110, or mail a copy of your documentation to:

Con Edison
PA Central 4 Irving Place, 9 Floor Box 13
New York, NY 10003

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Eligible Programs:

Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) – You need to have received benefits in the last 12 months.
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) – NYC SNAP, Westchester SNAP
Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
Direct Vendor or Utility Guarantee
Temporary Aid to Needy Families (TANF) - NYC TANF, Westchester TANF
Safety Net Assistance (SNA) – NYC SNA, Westchester SNA

Low Income Discount Types

Low Income Levels Tier Description Electric, Non-Heat Discount Electric Heat Discount Gas, Non-Heat Discount Gas Heat Discount
Tier 1 Regular HEAP grant less than $374, or another low income qualifier
$13 $16 $7 $60 
Tier 2  Regular HEAP grant greater than $374 and less than $400
$18  $21
$7  $76
Tier 3  HEAP grant greater than $400
$40  $48  $7  $98 
Tier 4  UGC or DVC $26  $29 $7  $84

Qualifying customers will also be signed up automatically for our Level Payment Plan. If you’re behind in paying your bills, you will be enrolled once your balance is paid. If you’d like to opt out of our Level Payment Plan but stay enrolled in our payment assistance program, please contact us.

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If You Need Help Paying Your Bill

Set up a payment agreement online to pay down your outstanding balance in manageable, monthly installments.

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If you’re a residential customer with an active disconnect notice, you may qualify for up to $200 toward your bill once every three years. To qualify, you must have made at least one payment toward your bill and be eligible for government financial assistance and/or meet federal Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) income guidelines.

See if You Qualify

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Resource Direct

Need help signing up for My Account, using self-service, or getting payment assistance? Please call 1-212-358-4565.

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