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Building & Remodeling Frequently Asked Questions

All electric and gas work must be completed by licensed plumbers or electricians. Your chosen contractor will need to submit a work request through Project Center and you will need to register as a first-time user.

About a week after we receive the work request, you’ll receive the name of the team handling your case and directions on how to submit questions during the project. You can find this and other case information in Project Center.

After Con Edison reviews the request from your licensed contractor, you and your contractor will receive a customer service installation agreement (“service layout”) detailing Con Edison’s responsibilities, your responsibilities, and which Con Edison specifications need to be followed.

Your contractor will ensure that your job site is ready for construction and then submit an interim or final checklist. Your Con Edison representative will verify that the site is ready for service construction (property-line box or sweep is installed, area graded to within 6 inches of final grade, curbs are installed, sewer and waterlines installed, etc.).

When your job site passes inspection, your Con Edison representative will have our construction and/or meter department begin work.

If necessary, after we install underground electric conduits and/or gas service piping, your contractor will complete their work and:

  • Secure the necessary gas or electric certifications from the city or municipality
  • Submit your customer service application and/or deposit
  • Submit a pressure test affidavit (for gas jobs)
  • Submit a final checklist to your Con Edison representative

Your Con Edison representative will perform a final inspection and order final connections, meter installation, and meter turn-on.

It depends on factors such as the scope of work, required permits, and weather conditions. Generally, if your service installation requires excavation work, you should allow up to 90 days from the time we inspect your site.

The average wait time for a new meter is approximately 10 days after we receive all required deposits and applications, and have completed our final inspection.

Scheduled work on your case can also be affected by road construction embargoes, holiday schedules, and moratoriums that are controlled by your local Department of Transportation.

There are no fees for inspection services. If the contractor fails to complete the request after our final inspection, we may charge for each re-inspection.

Per the Public Service Commission tariff, fees apply if:

  • You or your contractor want a service located at a point-of-entry other than the one chosen by your Con Edison team.
  • You request the relocation of a utility pole, provided that your city, town, or village issues an order at your request to relocate existing street lighting equipment.
  • You request services in addition to those Con Edison has determined will meet your needs based on the load letter submitted by your contractor. Such equipment would be identified as Excess Distribution Facilities.
  • You request temporary electric service.
  • You request the installation of underground service from Con Edison’s overhead lines on the street.
  • You request Con Edison to disconnect or restore service to your premises to accommodate internal maintenance and or repair activities outside of normal business hours, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays).


You can find information about your case status on Project Center. If you still have a question, use “Ask a Question” in Project Center to get in contact with us. You will receive a response within one business day. Read the guide to learn how.

Yes, but you’ll need to pay all costs associated with changing the service before our work begins.

Gas meters must be located outdoors for all new gas services and service upgrades requiring the replacement of the service entrance pipe for up to three-family homes. For all other buildings, we will locate and install gas meters outside your building when we install new service. To see if we can make an exception for your premise, submit an Outdoor Gas Meter Waiver Form.

You can find more information about service installations in Resources and Gas Yellow Book (PDF) 

Specifications can be found in the Electric Blue Book (PDF) and Gas Yellow Book (PDF).

Local building codes (city or local municipality) require licensed contractors to file their residential electric and gas work for inspection by an authorized inspection authority. We’re required to secure proof of inspection certification prior to providing these services.