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Contractor Resources

To ensure safety and reliability, we require all our contractors to follow specific requirements.

Electric, Gas, and Steam Service Requirements

Our electric, gas, and steam service manuals contain general procedures, standards, and specifications.
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Operator Qualification Requirements

Covered Task 87: Conducting Interior Jurisdictional Piping Construction and Maintenance Activities required for repairs by Licensed Master Plumber performing work on Utility Jurisdictional piping.

When working on a below-grade gas service pipe on customer property, contractors are required to meet all local jurisdictional licensing requirements and to be qualified as an operator per the Code of Federal Regulations, Subpart N—Qualification of Pipeline Personnel.

In order to gain operator qualifications, the contractor must comply with the Operator Qualification Plan, which incorporates principle elements contained in the Northeast Gas Association Operator Qualification Plan Program.

Utility jurisdictional piping is defined as all piping, tubing, and fittings that transport gas from the main for the following:

  • Inside meter(s) - the outlet of the meter
  • Outside meter(s) - outside the building wall

Code Rule 753 Mark Outs and Safe Work Practices

Since all of Con Edison’s natural gas system, and much of the electric system, is located underground, complying with Code Rule 753 is crucial to ensuring the safety of the public and workers performing digging and excavation.

Contractors, customers, licensed plumbers, and electricians must inspect and maintain existing mark outs periodically.

When in doubt, call 811 for a new mark out.

Video Job Aids

Get step-by-step instructions on how to guide your project.

Recorded Video Inspection Guidance

Pole Attachment Reference Documents

Going to Work Near Overhead Lines?

For your safety, you must notify us before you start work on a project. See Blue Book specification E0-4647-C for details.

Con Edison’s Standards of Business Conduct prohibits Con Edison employees, contractors, and employees’ family members from accepting gifts or gratuities from anyone who does business with us, such as customers or business associates. Gifts include, but aren't limited to, items such as candy, fruit baskets, flowers, tickets, cash gift cards, gratuities and tips, or donations to charities on behalf of an employee.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Ethics Helpline at 1-855-FOR-ETHX (1-855-367-3849) or email us at Contacts by phone may be made anonymously.