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Solar panels on a rooftop.

Renewable Energy

We’re working to generate half of New York’s electricity with solar or wind by 2030. We’re also increasingly supporting customers who generate their own energy through solar. And that’s just the beginning of our efforts to develop clean, renewable energy.
Types of renewable energy sources: solar, hydroelectric, and wind.

Solar Power

Solar systems harness the sun’s energy using photovoltaic panels that convert sunlight into electric power. They’re easy to install and low maintenance, and can cut your energy bills significantly. We support customers who want to install solar systems on their homes or businesses.

Solar Use Over Time

In 2006, 1.1 MW of solar was installed, enough to power just 165 homes. By 2010, 9.2 MW of solar was installed, enough to power 1,380 homes annually. In just 5 years, the amount of solar installed has increased to 94.8 MW, enough to power 14,220 homes annually.
Wind turbines

Wind Power

We expanded into the wind business with the 75-MW Broken Bow II wind farm in Nebraska, and the 95-MW Campbell County Wind Farm in South Dakota.

A dam releasing water


You can choose from a number of companies that provide green power purchasing options.

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