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Fox Hills Energy Storage System

We’re bringing our vision for a cleaner, greener NYC to life in Fox Hills.
Battery storage.

Battery Storage

A residential building with a solar panel on the roof, and a smart device broadcasting a signal.

Solar Panels

A wind turbine and a solar panel.

Smart Charging

We’re storing energy today, so it’s here for you tomorrow. Battery storage is an essential part of our clean-energy future. It can help to integrate renewable generation resources, like solar, into our energy system to strengthen it for years to come.

As part of our Clean Energy Commitment, we aim to promote and encourage the efficient operation of 1,000 MWs of energy storage by 2030.

The Fox Hills energy storage system, which is located next to our substation in the Rosebank neighborhood of Staten Island, furthers our clean-energy goals by storing 7.5 MW / 30 MWh of energy, including from renewable sources, such as solar and wind. That’s the equivalent of powering approximately 3,000 homes for 4 hours.

Battery storage technology allows us to store power safely during low energy use times, such as nighttime, and use that reliable power reserve when our customers need it most, such as during storms and heatwaves. The Fox Hills energy storage system went into service on August 20, 2023.

How This Battery Storage Site Works

  • 1. Energy Generation.

    A hybrid of traditional and renewable energy resources powers the smart grid.

  • 2. Energy Delivery.

    Power transmission and distribution infrastructure connect multiple energy sources with customers. We’re using real-time monitoring to manage and forecast customers’ constantly shifting energy needs.

  • 3.Powering Your Home.

    Using smart meters, we can gather usage information, monitor supply, and anticipate peak loads. Access to real-time data helps us meet modern energy demands from residential and commercial buildings, as well as electric vehicle charging stations.

Con Edison worked closely with the FDNY and City agencies to ensure that the system adheres to the strictest safety and code requirements. Our system at Fox Hills has advanced multi-level protections and is monitored by two control centers around the clock. In addition, the batteries meet or exceed all industry safety standards and certification and are UL-certified.

Upcoming Projects Impacting the Rosebank Neighborhood

Reliable Clean City

Our Clean Energy Commitment means building the energy grid of the future, so we’re upgrading our electric substations and building new, local transmission lines that will deliver hundreds of megawatts of clean, reliable energy to customers in New York City.

On Staten Island, we’re installing an approximately nine-mile-long, 138 kV feeder between the Goethals and Fox Hills substations.

Click here to learn more.

Selective Undergrounding

Con Edison is working to minimize power outages by moving overhead cables underground, where they will have increased protection from major weather events.

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