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Reliable Clean City Projects

Our Clean Energy Commitment means building the energy grid of the future, so we’re upgrading our electric substations and building new, local transmission lines that will deliver hundreds of megawatts of clean, reliable energy to customers in New York City.

How do we connect clean energy generated by renewable sources—like hydroelectric dams, solar energy plants, and wind farms—to our customers in New York City?

By building a resilient, 22nd-century energy grid connected to 100% renewable power.

We’re investing approximately $800 million in electric infrastructure, like substations and new transmission lines, enabling the retirement of inefficient, high-polluting “peaker” power generation plants, and facilitating the delivery of renewable and reliable power to our customers in New York City.

In total, Reliable Clean City Projects in Queens, Staten Island, and Brooklyn will add 900 megawatts of transmission capacity across New York City. This is important because Con Edison expects the region’s need for electricity to grow as building owners turn away from fossil fuels and more drivers adopt electric vehicles.

These projects represent our commitment to aggressively reduce carbon emissions and build a resilient energy grid that delivers 100% clean, reliable energy by 2040.

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Completed Projects


We’ve kicked off the first project in Queens by upgrading electric substations in Corona and Long Island City and connecting them through a six-mile-long underground transmission line.

The new Queens transmission line strengthens and modernizes the energy grid by addressing the reliability needs created by retiring power plants reliant on fossil fuels in Astoria, connecting Queens to renewable sources outside New York City, and adding 300 MW of clean energy capacity.

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Active Projects

Staten Island

We’re making major upgrades to our substations and energizing new, subsurface transmission feeders to meet the increasing energy needs of our customers. On Staten Island, we’re installing an approximately nine-mile-long, 138 kV feeder between the Goethals and Fox Hills substations. 

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In Brooklyn, a 138 kV transmission feeder is being installed along the mile stretch between the Greenwood and Gowanus substations.

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This important work supports New York State’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and helps us continue to provide reliable power.

Live near a Reliable Clean City Project Site? Here’s What You Can Expect

Queens: January 2022 to May 2023
Staten Island and Brooklyn: June 2023 to summer 2025

You may experience:

  • Construction noise from jackhammering, digging, installing manholes, and repaving the streets
  • Temporary relocation of bike and bus lanes, as well as traffic detours
  • Temporary loss of parking spots

We’ll let you know before construction starts on your street so you can make travel and parking arrangements ahead of time. Look for an email or flyer in your mailbox with details about how construction may affect you or your business.

Your electric service will not be affected. You’ll still have the same, reliable power throughout the project’s duration.

We’ll work as safely and efficiently as possible to minimize disruptions as we install the infrastructure to bring our customers 100% reliable, clean energy.

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Upcoming Projects

Idlewild, Queens

Our next project will start Spring 2025 and run through summer 2028. We will be constructing an indoor, storm hardened 138kV transmission substation which will allow additional Points of Interconnection (POI) for energy storage and future clean energy projects and establish a 27kV Distribution Area Substation.

The creation of this new Springfield network by splitting the largest network in the Con Edison system will enhance service and network reliability in both networks. This creates headroom to meet additional load growth from electrification and supports the State’s clean energy goals.


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