Steam Maintenance

Perform Regular Inspections

Keep your steam pipe system operating safely and efficiently with regular inspections by a qualified operator or heating contractor.

If you are a seasonal customer, please make sure that your steam equipment is thoroughly inspected before having it turned on. All inspections, adjustments, and repairs to your steam piping system should be done only by a qualified operator or heating contractor.

Test Steam Traps Periodically

All steam traps should be tested or inspected for proper operation on a schedule recommended by the manufacturer. A clogged trap, or a trap that fails in the closed position, may cause a harmful water hammer, which could result in property damage or bodily injury. 

On the other hand, a trap that fails in the open position, not only wastes energy but also creates a heat condition. A failed open trap with an equivalent 1/8" size orifice could result in the loss of approximately 52,000 lbs of steam at 100 psig dry saturated condition per month, or approximately $1,500 per winter month. 

The balance of steam system components (such as valves and fittings) should also be tested inspected periodically to promote safe and cost-efficient operation.

Maintenance During Con Edison Scheduled Repairs

Occasionally, we may have to interrupt your service to make repairs to the steam distribution system. If this happens, we will notify you in advance of the outage. As a safety precaution, we will verify that your work is complete before reactivating steam service when our repairs are finished.

If you plan to do work on your steam system during the outage please let us know immediately by notifying the Con Edison representative who arranged the outage, or by calling either of these Con Edison emergency numbers: 1-800-914-9112 or 1-212-683-8830.