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Community Choice Aggregation

Through Community Choice Aggregation, participating municipalities can procure energy supply service and develop distributed energy resources for eligible customers.

Community Choice Aggregation allows participating local governments to procure energy supply service and develop distributed energy resources for eligible customers in the community. These customers will have the opportunity to opt out of the supply procurement, while maintaining delivery service from Con Edison. Participation in distributed energy resources offered through a Community Choice Aggregation program is available on an opt-in basis.

How the Program Works

The program allows one or more local governments to work together through a shared purchasing model to go out to bid for the total amount of electricity and/or natural gas being purchased by eligible customers within the jurisdictional boundaries of participating municipality(ies). Depending on how a Community Choice Aggregation program is structured, eligible customers may have the opportunity to lower their overall energy costs, spur clean energy innovation and investment, improve customer choice and value, and protect the environment.

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has developed a toolkit to help local governments and Community Choice Aggregation administrators to develop this program in New York State.

Get the NYSERDA toolkit.


  1. Data requests should only be made after the Community Choice Aggregation has been approved by the Public Service Commission and a data security agreement has been signed and submitted.
  2. Before aggregated data can be provided, we’ll need to receive the following:
    • A copy of the Public Service Commission–approved implementation plan
    • A copy of the Public Service Commission–approved data protection plan
    • Certification or proof of the municipal authorization approving an opt-out Community Choice Aggregation program
    • Contact information for the Request for Proposal administrator to receive the aggregated data
  3. Approved aggregators should email us to request aggregated data. All requests must be submitted through email.
  4. Once an energy supplier is on board, email us a copy of the complete Community Choice Aggregation Energy Service Company contract in order to receive eligible customer contact information.
  5. Email us the information for customers who have not opted out of the Community Choice Aggregation program. Once received, we’ll provide customer specific information (i.e. account numbers) to Con Edison–approved Energy Service Companies through encrypted email.