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Share My Data Frequently Asked Questions

A feature in My Account that allows you to easily share your energy usage information with third-party companies securely and automatically. These companies can provide you with insights and recommendations for programs and services that can help you use energy more efficiently and save money. We recommend researching third-party companies before connecting with them to make sure they meet your needs.
Log in to My Account and go to the Billing & Usage tab. From there, you can choose Share My Data to authorize third-party companies to access your data.
No. Your usage data doesn’t include any personally identifiable information, so your private information stays private.
Just use Share My Data to choose which third-party companies can access your data. That’s it. We’ll take it from there.
Third-party companies that are registered to use Share My Data are listed on My Account. You can log in to view and manage your third-party connections.
When you authorize a third-party company to access your data, Con Edison will share your electric and gas usage information for your selected account. The energy usage data includes up to 24 months of historical usage data.
The third-party vendor may have not have utilized Share My Data recently. Data authorization will be revoked automatically if a vendor is inactive for more than 45 days.  

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