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Distributed Energy Resources Frequently Asked Questions

Energy companies filed tariff changes with the New York Public Service Commission (PSC) on September 30, 2022, requesting that the revised tariff leaves be effective July 1, 2023. The state docket number is 22-E-0549 with the most significant change being the addition of a new tariff called the Wholesale Value Stack (WVS). We have asked the PSC for a response by April 1, 2023, so that we may then file our Wholesale Distribution Service (WDS) tariff with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to also be effective July 1, 2023. view Commission Order 2222
If you are currently on a Net Energy Metering (NEM) tariff, Value Stack tariff, or Buy Back tariff, you will need to switch to the new WVS tariff and, also take service under the WDS tariff. If you’re an existing Value Stack, or a Buy Back Tariff customer receiving a capacity credit and elect to take service under WVS, you must make your election by August 1 for such service to be effective the following May 1.

You must sign up by August 1 to accommodate NYISO’s capacity planning year if you are currently a load modifier. See Con Edison’s proposed Wholesale Value Stack and Buy Back tariffs, state docket number 22-E-0549, P.S.C. No. 10 – Electricity (the “Electric Tariff”) at leaves 254.1 and 477.2. Customer-generators who are currently modeled as load modifiers by the NYISO must stay through the end of the capacity year, which runs through the end of April.

For example, existing customer-generators receiving capacity credits should sign up by August 1, 2023, to be eligible for service on May 1, 2024. A new customer-generator will be eligible to participate in a NYISO aggregation once energy company interconnection, NYISO registration, and a Permission-to-Operate (PTO) have been completed.

No. A customer-generator participating in any of NYISO’s markets cannot be treated as a load modifier or provide capacity benefits under the retail tariff programs.

Customer-generators may participate in any of the following NYISO distributed energy resources participation model configurations:

  • sell energy alone
  • if wanting to sell capacity, must also sell energy
  • if wanting to sell ancillaries, must also sell energy
  • if wanting to sell capacity and ancillaries, must also sell energy

A customer-generator in any of these NYISO configurations will be considered by the NYISO as a supply resource for each capacity year. They cannot be used as a load modifier to create capacity benefits for the retail tariff programs.