Applying for Private Generation Interconnection

Interconnection Forms and Documentation

  1. Interconnection Application Process Overview (PDF)
  2. Customer authorization letter
  3. Any system under 5 MW: Standardized Contract, Appendix A
  4. If you are installing an inverter-based system: Appendix B
  5. Non-inverter based system: Appendix C
  6. Appendix D Pre-Application Report
  7. Contractor Certification for Verification Test for self-certified PV system of 50 kW or less

Rate Forms

  1. Net metering, going on standby, or buy-back: General Rules Form G
  2. Community Distributed Generation Procedural Requirements (PDF)
  3. Net metering/community distributed generation forms (where applicable), including Rider R

Submit Required Forms and Documentation

Please include all necessary information, designs, technical drawings, and accurate contact information to ensure an efficient review process. Any missing information or changes to a project design may result in additional review time.

Submit to with the subject line: “SIR Pre-Application Report.”

Mail a check for $750 to:

Andre Wellington: Distributed Generation
Con Edison
4 Irving Place, 13th floor SE
New York, NY, 10003

Checks must be made out to "Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc." and should include the proposed site address on the notes line.

If using natural gas

Gas service for a combined heat and power project: Rider H application form

Gas tariff for a commercial combined heat and power project: Gas Rider H Tariff (PDF)

Gas service for a residential combined heat and power project: Gas Rider J

Please Submit All Applications Through Project Center