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Solar panels are being installed on a rooftop in New York City

Applying for Private Generation Interconnection

Interconnection Forms and Documentation (<5 MW)

The New York State Standardized Interconnection Requirements (Appendix F) describe all information needed to complete your application. Please review them to avoid delay on your project.

For easy, step-by-step instructions, follow the simplified process flow chart (PDF).

Upload all applications and project information through Con Edison's Power Clerk web portal.

Small DG Projects for Interconnection requests less than or equal to 50kW.
Large DG Projects for Interconnection requests greater than 50kW – 5MW.

  1. Solar Interconnection Application Process Overview (PDF)
  2. Distributed Generation Documentation Checklist (PDF)
  3. Customer authorization letter (PDF)
  4. Standardized Contract, Appendix A, page 73 (PDF)
  5. If you are installing an inverter-based system: Appendix B, page 76 (PDF)
  6. If you are installing a non-inverter based system: Appendix C, page 78 (PDF)
  7. All technical drawings and equipment specifications as required. Refer to Distributed Generation System Diagram Checklist (PDF)
  8. Contractor Certification for Verification Test (PDF) for self-certified PV system of 50 kW or less
  9. Solar Verification Testing and Inspection Checklist (PDF) for solar installations above 50kW

Service and Rate Application Forms

  1. Net metering, going on standby, or buy-back: General Rules Form G, page 58
  2. Community Distributed Generation Procedural Requirements for Value Stack (file will automatically download)
  3. Community DG Procedural Requirements - Grandfathered Net-Metering and Phase 1 Net-Metering (file will automatically download)
  4. Gas service for a combined heat and power project: Rider H application form (PDF)
  5. Residential gas service for a combined heat and power project: Rider J application form (PDF)

Standby Multi-Party Offset Required Forms

  1. Multiparty Offset Recipient Participation Form
  2. Multiparty Offset Percentage Allocation Form

If you are submitting an Appendix D "Pre-Application Report," email us your pre-application report with the subject line “SIR Pre-Application Report.” You must also mail a check for $750 to:

James Skillman: Distributed Generation
Con Edison
4 Irving Place, 13th floor NE
New York, NY, 10003

Checks must be made out to "Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc." and should include the proposed site address on the notes line.

Con Edison Queue Management Plan Updates as of July 15, 2017 (PDF)