Electric Vehicle Charging Rewards FAQ

  • You’re eligible if you own/lease a plug-in hybrid electric or battery-electric vehicle, and charge it within Con Edison’s service territory (New York City and Westchester). You do not need to be a Con Edison customer to participate.

    Offer not available in these select Queens and Westchester ZIP codes: 10501, 10505, 10518, 10519, 10521, 10526, 10527, 10535, 10536, 10590, 10540, 10560, 10576, 10578, 10576, 10587, 10589, 10590, 10597, 11690, 11691, 11692, 11694, 11695, 11696, and 11697.

  • You’ll receive a free cellular-enabled, C2-connected car device and access to your charging and driving data on the FleetCarma SmartCharge Rewards online portal.
  • The device is easy to install. Just plug it into your vehicle’s on-board diagnostics (OBD II) port or Tesla diagnostics connector.

    Read the FleetCarma C2 Device Installation Instructions.

  • To determine the rewards you are eligible to earn, we collect information about:

    • when you charge
    • how much you charge (kWh)
    • the location (GPS) of your charging

    We read driving data to calculate fuel efficiency (MPGeq), driving efficiency (watt hours per mile), and greenhouse gas emissions and savings. GPS information is only read when charging, not when driving. This information will be used only by Con Edison and FleetCarma for the purposes of running this program. Any personally identifiable information will not be made public or shared with any other organizations. Read our Privacy Policy to learn more.

  • Log in to FleetCarma’s SmartCharge Rewards portal to see:

    • Charging energy consumption (kWh)
    • Fuel efficiency and electric driving efficiency (MPGeq and watt hours per mile)
    • Battery health score
    • Vehicle Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Savings
    • Vehicle greenhouse gas emissions and savings (grams per mile and pounds of C02 equivalents)
    • SmartCharge Rewards™ earned each month
    • Trip data, available for you to download
  • Charging your vehicle at off-peak times on the hottest days reduces stress to the energy grid. This helps us provide more reliable service to everyone.
  • Email us with a request to end your participation. We’ll give you instructions for how to return your C2 device to Con Edison.
  • More FAQs are available through FleetCarma. Scroll to the bottom of this page to learn more.

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