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Instant Lighting Frequently Asked Questions

We understand the importance of helping businesses save energy and money. Our Instant Lighting Incentive Program makes it easy for commercial, small business, multifamily, community residences, and veterans’ organizations customers in our service territory to replace inefficient incandescent and halogen lighting with energy-saving ENERGY STAR and DesignLights Consortium LEDs. Our collaborations with enrolled participants help increase sales of the highest-quality LED lamps, fixtures, and retrofit kits on the market by offering a low price that’s comparable to most other lamps.

Participants receive their discount instantly when they make a purchase through an approved participating contractor.

Enrolled participants must submit the following information to Con Edison to receive reimbursement:

  • Quantity and product ID of qualifying equipment sold to each purchaser
  • Date of each sale
  • Customer invoice for each eligible completed project
  • Con Edison invoice for each eligible completed project
  • Purchaser name and contact information
  • Prequalified installation confirmation code of each eligible project
    Enrolled participants are required to pass as much of the full incentive to their customers as possible. A minimum, mandatory incentive of at least $1 per lamp and $2 per fixture or retrofit kit is required. It is mandatory that distributors list the Con Edison incentive on invoices to customers. We will monitor list prices to customers to ensure that customers see a lower price because of this program.

    Yes, all projects are subject to post-inspection to verify the accuracy of the submission data, including, but not limited to, customer eligibility, quantity, product IDs, and installation completion. Customers must comply with Con Edison inspection requests.

    All fixtures and retrofit kits projects submitted for reimbursement will be inspected.

    No. Spare lamps, fixtures, and retrofit kits are not eligible for program incentives. The number of lighting products submitted to Instant Lighting for reimbursement cannot exceed the number of products installed. All products must be installed by the customer or contractor within 90 days of the sale date. Installation exceptions may be granted if submitted prior to 90 days. Installation must be complete prior to submission for reimbursement.