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Instant Lighting Frequently Asked Questions

We understand the importance of helping businesses save energy and money. Our Instant Lighting Incentive Program makes it easy for commercial and industrial customers in our service territory to replace inefficient incandescent and halogen lighting with energy-saving ENERGY STAR and DesignLights Consortium LEDs. Our collaborations with enrolled participants help increase sales of the highest-quality LED lamps on the market by offering a low price that’s comparable to most other lamps.

We will reimburse enrolled participants directly for the higher cost of eligible ENERGY STAR and DLC LED lamps, which is then passed through to customers as a discount on their invoice. This allows customers to purchase premium LED lamps at approximately the same cost of conventional standard-wattage products.

All Con Edison commercial and multifamily customers are eligible to participate in the Instant Lighting Incentive Program. Qualifying lamps must be installed and operated at the eligible customer’s facility or premises. We will provide enrolled participants with access to a customer validation tool.

Sales of qualifying lamps to the following customers are not eligible for discounts through the Program:

  • Residentially metered customers
  • Businesses located outside Con Edison’s electric service territory
  • New construction projects
  • Customers with active projects in other Con Edison programs

Incentives are available for the following lamp categories Eligibility is subject to change.

4 Pin LT/GTE 11 Watts Decorative

A Line LT/GTE 11 Watts



2G11 Base Lamp





TLED all UL-Type 3ft

TLED U-Bend all UL-Type

TLED all UL-Type 4ft

TLED all UL-Type 2ft

TLED all UL-Type 8ft


HID Interior/Exterior LT 250W

HID Interior/Exterior 250W to 399W

HID Interior/Exterior 400W to 999W

HID Interior/Exterior


Visit ENERGY STAR and DesignLights for complete lists of eligible lamps.

ENERGY STAR LED replacement lamps provide customers with the following benefits:

  • Reduced energy bills. Compared to conventional lamps, ENERGY STAR LEDs can provide up to
  • 90 percent energy and cost savings. They also emit less heat, resulting in greater comfort and lower cooling costs.
  • Longer lamp life. ENERGY STAR LEDs last up to 25 times longer than incandescent lamps, requiring fewer replacements and reducing the labor costs associated with bulb maintenance.
  • High-quality and performance. ENERGY STAR and DLC LED lamps provide the same high-quality natural color lighting for product display as conventional halogen lamps. All eligible lamps provide excellent CRI (Color Rendering Index) and instant-on capability. Many of these lamps are also dimmable.
  • Increased safety. LEDs do not contain toxic materials such as mercury or lead, reducing onsite risk to employees and customers and making lamp disposal safe and easy

Enrolled participants must submit the following information to Con Edison to receive reimbursement:

  • Quantity and Product ID of qualifying equipment sold to each purchaser
  • Date of each sale
  • Customer invoice number of each sale
  • Purchaser name and contact information
  • Prequalified installation address of each sale
Enrolled participants are required to pass as much of the full incentive to their customers as possible. A minimum, mandatory incentive of at least $1 per lamp is required. It is mandatory that distributors list the Con Edison incentive on invoices to customers. We will monitor list prices to customers to ensure that customers see a lower price as a result of this program.

Yes, all sales are subject to post inspections to verify the accuracy of the sales data including customer site location, quantity and type of qualifying lamps, etc. You must inform customers that a Con Edison representative may contact them for a site inspection.

No spares are to be incentivized. The number of lamps submitted to Con Edison sold should not exceed the number of sockets where they will be installed. All lamps sold and submitted for reimbursement should be installed by the customer or contractor within 45 days of the sale date.

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