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Customized Gas Conversion Incentives Application

Convert your commercial or 100+ unit multifamily building from oil to cleaner burning natural gas and get up to $25,000

Convert your commercial or 100+-unit multifamily building from oil heat to natural gas, and become eligible for two ways to increase your energy efficiency:

  • A conversion rebate of up to $10,000
  • A fixed equipment rebate of up to $15,000 or customized rebate. Learn more about each path: Program Overview.

How to Qualify

To qualify, you must install a new gas-fired boiler with:

  • An 82 percent minimum thermal efficiency (greater than 300 MBH) for a gas-fired steam boiler
  • An 85 percent minimum thermal efficiency for a gas-fired hydronic boiler

Please send the following before May 1, 2018:

Upon receipt, Con Edison will perform a financial analysis and share the program which fits your qualifications.

Once we send the construction and gas service agreement, you will have 30 days to send us both:

  • A signed agreement
  • Your contractor’s signed proposal for the installation of qualifying high-efficiency gas-fired boiler

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Funding is limited. First come, first served.