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Leave on for Landlord FAQ

After you sign in to My Account, Con Edison will determine if you’re eligible for the program based on the accounts located in your profile. If you have a non-residential account with other units in the building, you will be eligible to enroll in the program.

Don’t see any eligible accounts? You may need to associate your missing accounts with your profile. Look up accounts. If you recently started service, you’ll need to wait until these accounts are active.

If you’re not enrolled in the Leave on for Landlord program, when a tenant closes their account the electricity and/or gas services for the unit/property will be turned off. Service will only be restored when the landlord or new tenant opens an account. For accounts with gas service, a safety inspection will be required before turn on.

You can easily enroll or de-enroll units by logging in to My Account and going to the program dashboard. Use the “Enroll Units by Building” tab to add units and the “Currently Enrolled” tab to de-enroll. You may also call Customer Service at 212-358-4564 for assistance.

The account will be enrolled under the same name as the commercial account. Energy bills for the renting-purposes-only account will be sent to the mailing address listed on your commercial account.

The account will be established as non-residential and, if the existing non-residential account with the same name has a good payment history, then no security deposit will be required. You will be charged the appropriate non-residential rate based on the energy usage. A minimum monthly charge will be assessed if there isn’t any usage for the month.

The non-residential account holder must ensure that tenants assume responsibility for the property per the terms of their rental agreement.

Yes. You can submit a stop-service request for any property associated with your account. If you no longer want to manage services for a unit, you can remove it from the program through My Account.

If a tenant’s service is disconnected for non-payment at the premises, the requested service will not be transferred automatically to the landlord’s name.
No. Enrolling a unit in the program will not automatically activate a meter that is not in use. To activate meters at your property that are not in use, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-75-CONED (1-800-752-6633).