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Control Your Air Conditioner From Anywhere

Get a free Wi-Fi device that lets you adjust your window air conditioner from an app. Earn Cool Points rewards by doing your part to keep the energy grid reliable.

Earn up to $25 or more* in rewards for enrolling a standard window air conditioner. Enroll a Wi-Fi-enabled air conditioner to earn up to $95 or more* in rebates and rewards.


  • Turn your air conditioner on and off on the go.
  • Set schedules so you only use your air conditioner when you need it.
  • Monitor your energy use.
  • Redeem your Cool Points for a wide range of gift cards, or donate them to charity (1,000 points = $1). 

*$25 reward is based on full participation during peak summer periods. Earn greater rewards for enrolling your Wi-Fi enabled air conditioner.

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