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An aerial view of New York City skyscrapers at night.

You Have the Power

Two residential homes, showing how heat pumps circulate warm and cool air below the ground.

Be Energy Smart

We’ll be tripling our energy efficiency programs over the next decade, giving you more ways to optimize your energy use. Looking for a cleaner way to heat and cool your home? We’re making state-of-the-art technology, like geothermal and air-source heat pumps, more accessible and affordable than ever before.

Solar Panels

Harness the Sun

Beyond helping the environment, renewable power can also put a dent in your energy bills. As the seventh largest solar-power producer in the world, and the second largest in North America, we're making it easier to switch to solar.
Two children are drawing a lightbulb.

Live Smarter

We’re leading the transition to a clean, smart, and reliable energy future. We’re phasing out fossil fuels while transforming our energy grid, and aim to run on 100% renewables by 2040.
An electric vehicle plugged into a charging station.

Drive Progress

We’re accelerating the move toward electric vehicles by connecting thousands of new public and customer-owned charging stations, and transitioning our fleet to electric. See the perks of plugging in instead of gassing up.