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A young boy chases a ball through a grassy field with solar panels in the background.

Clean Energy for All

A young girl is looking at models of windmills.

20 Years to 100% Renewable Power

We’re rapidly transforming your energy grid and aim to run fully on renewable power by 2040.
Two residential homes, showing how heat pumps circulate warm and cool air below the ground.

Get Comfortable With Clean Heating and Cooling

Heat and cool your home with energy from the earth and air. Not sure where to start? We can help you find the right fit for your space and budget.
A hand holding a lightbulb.

Live Greener and Lower Your Bills

From low-cost LEDs to thousands off clean heating and cooling, we’re tripling our energy efficiency programs, to bring you and your neighbors savings, times three.
An ariel view of a solar panel field.

Make Solar Power Your Power

As the seventh largest solar-power producer in the world—and the second largest in North America—we're bringing 24-hour renewable power to the city that never sleeps.
An electric vehicle plugged into a charging station.

Your Electric Vehicle Can Go the Distance

We’re connecting over 18,000 electric vehicle chargers, making your green ride more convenient. See the perks of plugging in versus gassing up.