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Frequently Asked Questions

A utility thermal energy network (UTEN) is a series of underground pipes connecting customer buildings that carry a water-based fluid to provide heating and/or cooling via ground source heat pump technology.
Con Edison is proposing a diverse portfolio of UTEN projects including a neighborhood geothermal project in Mount Vernon. The goal of the project is to provide safe, reliable, and clean energy to customers while demonstrating geothermal technology at utility scale. It will also serve as a model for future projects in New York City, Westchester, and across the State in light urban/suburban neighborhoods. The Mount Vernon project aims to improve air quality for residents, reduce fossil fuel usage, and utilize trained, local workforce with opportunities to scale as a core clean energy solution.

The proposed thermal energy network will comprise of two connected loops in Mount Vernon along the path shown in the map below:

Con Edison is currently designing the proposed Mount Vernon project. When the design is completed, Con Edison will submit a report to the New York State Public Service Commission and request project approval. If the Commission approves the project, construction would likely take place from 2025-2026. The UTEN would then begin operating after approval and remain operational for at least five years.
If your building is along the thermal energy network’s path, you may be eligible to participate in the UTEN. Con Edison will communicate with customers whose buildings are located along the proposed network. Eligible customers will receive correspondence to schedule a building walkthrough with our contractor. During the walkthrough, our contractor will determine if the building is eligible and recommend energy efficiency opportunities. Participating customers will receive additional benefits for being part of this innovative project.
There is no cost to participate in the pilot. If the project is approved, Con Edison will purchase and install new heating and cooling equipment for your building free of charge. Additionally, if you are a residential homeowner, you may be eligible for free energy efficiency upgrades.
During the five year project pilot period, Con Edison will include bill protections to cap your UTEN energy bills at a cost similar to what you would have paid otherwise for heating and cooling with your existing equipment.