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Public Policy Transmission Need (PPTN) Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, to become a solution partner all developers must execute a CCA. This CCA will be bidirectional requiring Con Edison to maintain the confidentiality of each Partner’s confidential and/or proprietary information.
All the publicly available information is on the website. Additional information can be obtained by becoming a solution partner.
The location of the AC/DC Converter stations will ultimately be determined by the transmission developer and will be an item to discuss during the collaborative partnership.
Given the space constraints in New York City, new transmission substations make use of GIS protected in an enclosed building.
Upon becoming a solution partner, a bidirectional NDA will be executed which will provide for all confidential and/or proprietary information associated with any given solution partner be restricted to that partner. However, elements of solutions common to the Con Edison system will be applied to all partner’s solutions.
The only location that Con Edison is able to consider providing property for an AC/DC converter station is at the Staten Island Energy Hub.
For planning purposes, each bus position is assumed to have a maximum power injection of approximately 750 MW. Project specific power injection will be project dependent and require a Power Flow analysis.
The process and timing for submitting an end‐to‐end solution to the NYISO is defined as per NYISO schedule.

The Management Portal provides two separate and distinct workflows.

Workflow 1: For Developers who are considering participating in the NYC PPTN solicitation. This workflow offers approved applicants, after their registration form is processed and the Developer signs a Confidentiality and Collaboration Agreement, with the opportunity to collaborate with Con Edison to develop the onshore Transmission Grid solution.

Workflow 2: For general inquiries from organizations that will not be participating in the solicitation. This pathway allows organizations to directly pose questions to Con Edison, receive future releases of publicly available FAQs and receive notifications about upcoming events.