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A view of New York City with storm clouds in the background

Our Storm-Hardening Protection Plan

Fortifying the Future

We invested $1 billion over the past few years to build smarter and stronger overhead and underground energy delivery systems. We’ve installed state-of-the art solutions to make our energy grid more resilient in case of extreme weather.

What does this mean for you? Fewer power outages when storms strike, and less damage to our equipment—so if the lights do go out, we can make repairs more quickly to get you back up and running sooner.


Minimizing Outages

Upgraded power lines mean 15 to 20 percent fewer homes and businesses will lose power during major storms.

Stronger, tree-branch-resistant aerial cable and utility poles can withstand wind gusts up to 110 mph. New wires are designed to fall off our poles along with branches that fall on them, preventing damage to homes and removing the danger of live wires on the ground.

Reconfiguring Underground Electric Networks

We've reconfigured two underground electric networks in Lower Manhattan that allow us to turn off our energy systems at the greatest risk of flooding, but keep electricity flowing in the surrounding grid.

Securing Tunnels

We reinforced the entrances to tunnels carrying steam and gas mains and high-voltage electric feeders to protect them from flooding.

New Storm-Proof Doors

Our own designers, welders, machinists, and mechanics crafted more than 160 waterproof storm doors to protect our people and equipment from future storm surges.