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Frequently Asked Questions - Westchester Natural Gas Moratorium

We’ve made great strides in our efforts to improve the air quality in our service area, largely due to customers switching from heating oil to natural gas. The demand for natural gas, however, is outpacing its availability due to interstate pipeline supply constraints coming into a portion of our service area.

We made every effort to explore alternatives to avoid a moratorium on new natural gas connections. While we are advancing new solutions—including substantial reductions in usage by existing customers and deploying compressed or renewable natural gas—we have not identified enough alternatives at this time to meet growing natural gas demand. We will continue to investigate interstate pipeline projects that meet federal, state, and local requirements that could increase available supply.

New applications for interruptible service and natural-gas-fueled emergency generators will continue to be accepted.

To be contacted in the future if natural gas becomes available, please email us your contact and equipment information.

The moratorium is for most of Westchester County. There are municipalities at the northern border of our service territory that are not affected because those municipalities are served by a less-constrained interstate pipeline. See areas affected.

We continue to accept new gas customer applications in New York City. We will continue to monitor increases in customer demand and our ability to meet that demand with traditional supplies or clean alternatives in our New York City gas service area.

Unlike the southern portion of the county, the interstate pipeline supply in the northern portion of the county is sufficient and we are able to continue to connect customers. Please submit a work request through Project Center to see whether there are gas distribution facilities in your area, and to learn more about the costs and benefits of receiving natural gas service.

The moratorium will remain in effect until sufficient supply is available to meet new demand. That can be through additional non-pipeline alternatives, or a pipeline project that meets federal, state, and local requirements.

We're here to help you find long-term alternatives to natural gas for your heating, hot water, laundry, and cooking needs. Learn more.

Although natural gas is plentiful in the United States, transporting it to our service area is restricted by the lack of adequate interstate pipelines to serve growing demand. The last new interstate pipeline to our service area went into operation in 2013.

We offering thousands off state-of-the-art heat pump technology, making it easier and more affordable for you to heat your home or business without fossil fuels. Plus, if you own a home in the area affected by the Westchester natural gas moratorium, you can receive up to an additional 30% off your installation, on top of our other rebates. Learn more.

Email us or call 1-800-643-1289 to learn more about natural gas alternatives.