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Scarsdale Gas Transmission Project Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We’re working with the Scarsdale Police Department to ensure postal and delivery services have access to customers’ properties and mailboxes during construction. We’ll post signs redirecting traffic at every detour.

Along the construction route, we’ll use parking lanes and right-of-way areas for material storage and staging. Having materials and equipment readily available allows us to complete our installations faster. We’ll neatly store materials out of the way at the end of each workday.

If we accidently block your driveway, please let us know. We will move our equipment and operations as quickly as possible. Please feel free to approach any member of our construction team or email us.

Flags and colored paint mark the approximate location of our gas, electric, or steam facilities. Each type of utility has its own unique color. Pipeline markers also show the name and phone number of the pipeline operator, in case of an emergency.

In order to perform our work safely, we’re required by New York State law to identify underground utilities before we start digging. Learn more.

We expect the construction phase of the project to be complete in a few years, as early as 2025 but possibly later.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please feel free to approach any member of our construction team or email us.

Please feel free to approach any member of our construction team. Con Edison representatives are onsite every day to assist members of the community. You can ask any crew member for a construction manager or email us directly.

We use steel road plates to cover our excavations. To reduce noise and minimize disruptions, the plates will be mounted on rubber matting.

We’ll try our best to remove road plates and backfill as quickly as possible. The time the plate must remain varies by excavation type, from approximately five days for a test pit excavation to six weeks or longer for trench and gas service excavations.