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Frequently Asked Questions

Hosting capacity is the amount of private energy resources that can be accommodated without adversely affecting power quality or reliability under existing control configurations, and without requiring infrastructure upgrades. These values will not replace the need for locational specific utility engineering studies.
The local voltage shows the voltage that the circuit is operating at when there is a switch from one-line section to another. The substation distribution voltage shows the voltage of the initial run.
Connected private generation is currently in operation or has received final approval.
Queued private generation has an approved interconnection application currently in progress.
Overhead feeders are visible on the non-network tab. Underground feeders are not currently visible, but more information about them is available on the network tab.
The map is updated bi-annually, with the Distributed Generation projects larger than 500 kW refreshed every October and the PV and Storage hosting capacity refreshed every April. Data on queued and connected distributed generation is refreshed monthly.
Map granularity ranges from the substation level to the sub-feeder, or nodal, level.
There may be. This would be indicated as part of the Coordinated Electric System Interconnection Review (CESIR) process. The map assumes operation from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., and assumes that the energy storage will operate from full charge to discharge.
No. The provided values indicate the minimum and maximum values in MW.
The filter tool under “options” allows sorting based on feeder value. This information can be exported to Microsoft Excel for additional analysis.
The data can be downloaded through the attribute table, which is the icon of a square with one vertical line and four horizontal lines running through it. Once the attribute table is open, the user can export the data as a CSV for the entire system or only for those locations currently being displayed. The data can also be filtered through Excel.