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Past Bulk Energy Storage Request for Proposals

The 2021 Request for Proposals (RFP) has concluded for Con Edison and Orange and Rockland. All participating bidders have been notified of their results. The companies did not select any bidders from the 2021 RFP.

2021 Bid Documents

Document Status
Request for Proposals (PDF) Final – 7/30/2021
Appendix A – Bidders Qualification (PDF) Final
Appendix B – Offer Form (XLSX) Final
Appendix C1 – Site Control (PDF) Final
Appendix C2 – Electric Interconnection (PDF) Final
Appendix C3 – Technical Information (PDF) Final
Appendix C4 – Permitting & Schedule (PDF)
Appendix C5 – Financial & Credit Information (PDF) Final
Appendix C6 – Bidder Checklist (PDF) Final
Appendix C7 – Bidding Team Information (PDF) Final
Appendix C8 – Offer Changes Final 
Appendix C9 -
Warranties, Performance Guarantees and Maintenance Plans
Appendix D1 – CECONY Energy Storage Services Agreement (PDF) Final
Appendix D2 – O&R Energy Storage Services Agreement (PDF) Final
Appendix D3 – Energy Storage Service Agreement Issues Matrix (PDF) Final
Appendix D4 – CECONY/O&R Term Sheet Final
Appendix D5 – Term Sheet Issues Matrix (PDF) Final
Appendix E – Preferred Locations (PDF) Final
Appendix F – NYSERDA Incentive Agreement (PDF) Final
Appendix G – Letter of Engagement  Final