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Smart Home Rate

This program ended in April 2023. If you have any questions, please read the frequently asked questions or email us.

Customers who signed up for our Smart Home Rate got new electric rates and free smart thermostats connected to smart home software to help them manage energy use and costs.

If you participated, the thermostat you received when the program began is yours to keep, and you can continue using it to manage your heating and air-conditioning costs. It is no longer connected to the program’s smart home software, but you still have access to the Sensi smartphone app and all of the features that the thermostat offers. For more information and technical support, please go to

Like Being on a Demand Rate? You May Want to Consider our Select Pricing Plan.

On the Select Pricing Plan, your electric costs would be based on when you choose to use electricity and how much electricity your appliances and devices use at the same time. We can’t promise you’ll save, and the plan does not offer a one-year price guarantee. But, since they’re both demand rates, if you did well on the Smart Home Rate, you may want to consider the Select Pricing Plan.

Learn more and enroll in the Select Pricing Plan.