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Con Edison Wins 2023 ReliabilityOne Awards for Outstanding Electric Service

Company Wins Recognition for Reliability and Its Use of Technology

Con Edison has again earned coveted recognition from PA Consulting for its reliable electric delivery service.

The company won the 2023 ReliabilityOne® Award for Outstanding Reliability Performance in the Northeast Region Metropolitan Service Area.

ReliabilityOne® Awards go to utilities that excel in delivering the most reliable electric service to their customers. PA Consulting considers the frequency of outages that customers of each utility experience and the time it takes each utility to restore service to customers when outages do occur.

"Con Edison is fulfilling our commitment to maintaining our industry-leading reliable service, providing value to our customers and helping New York State and City achieve their clean energy and climate goals.” said Shakira Wilson, Con Edison’s vice president, Engineering and Planning. “We make robust investments in our infrastructure to support the clean energy transition and meet our customers’ growing need for power, all while maintaining the superb level of service our unique region needs.”

Con Edison also won PA Consulting’s Outstanding Technology and Innovation Award, sponsored by Prsymian Group. That award goes to the utility that demonstrated a strategic and focused effort to develop and use innovative technologies to improve its reliability performance.

PA Consulting said Con Edison embraced the benefits that new technology can provide to outage restoration and management. The company has achieved exceptional results and shown that innovation can solve business problems and improve customer service, according to PA Consulting.

“For the last 23 years, the ReliabilityOne® Awards have highlighted outstanding electric utility providers who resiliently build a more positive future for their customers,” said Derek HasBrouck, PA Consulting’s ReliabilityOne® Program Director. “I am honored to recognize Con Edison as an industry leader for delivering outstanding service reliability and restoration efforts.”

Con Edison has been recognized with awards from PA Consulting each year for more than a decade.

The New York State Public Service Commission issues an annual report on the reliability of utility service.

A commission metric is the number of customer outages divided by the number of customers. Con Edison’s 2022 number was .14, including outages from major storms. At that rate, a typical customer would go seven years without losing power. The outage frequency for the rest of the state was 1.43, or 10 times higher.

Con Edison customers experienced 4.57 interruptions for every 1,000 customers served, compared with 17.81 for customers in the rest of the state.

All utilities operating dense electric delivery networks in North America are eligible for the ReliabilityOne® Award. There are eight metropolitan service regional awards including Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, Plains, Mountains, West, Southeast, and Southwest. The selection of provisional recipients is based primarily on system reliability statistics that measure the frequency and duration of customer outages.

After provisional recipients are selected, each company undergoes a certification process that provides an independent review and confirmation of the policies, processes and systems used to collect, analyze and report reliability results.

Con Edison is a subsidiary of Consolidated Edison, Inc. [NYSE: ED], one of the nation’s largest investor-owned energy companies, with approximately $16 billion in annual revenues and $64 billion in assets. The utility delivers electricity, natural gas and steam, and serves 3.6 million customers in New York City and Westchester County.

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PA Consulting’s ReliabilityOne® awards are presented to electric utilities providing their customers with the highest levels of reliability in the industry. PA Consulting’s ReliabilityOne® study is based on standard industry reliability statistics that measure the frequency and duration of electric power outages. ReliabilityOne® participants on average experienced over 55% fewer sustained outages, and outages were 70% shorter than the average US investor-owned utility. PA Consulting has been analyzing electric utility performance since 1987. For more information about PA Consulting, visit