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Con Edison Crews Working to Restore Service to Customers

Company Focusing on Southeast Brooklyn, Other Areas

Con Edison crews have restored power to 28,000 customers in southeast Brooklyn whose service was interrupted due to equipment problems during the weekend heat wave, and are working to provide service to the remaining 5,000 by this evening.


Crews are working to restore service to 10,800 customers throughout New York City.


The company is also preparing for storms expected to pass through the area tonight. Those storms could knock trees and branches in to overhead electrical delivery equipment and cause additional outages.

Con Edison urges customers to stay safe. Stay away from downed wires.


On Sunday night, Con Edison’s engineers and operators took a pre-emptive action by cutting service to 30,000 customers in the southeast Brooklyn neighborhoods of Canarsie, Flatlands, Mill Basin, Old Mill Basin, Bergen Beach, and Georgetown.


At the time, 3,000 customers in those neighborhoods had already lost power and the equipment was under great stress due to the high demand for power and the scorching temperatures.


The company’s action prevented extensive damage to the equipment. That damage would have resulted in longer outages and potentially more customers losing service.


Con Edison customer service representatives are distributing dry ice and answering customer questions at Jacob Joffe Fields at Avenue K and East 59th Street in Flatlands.


Instructions for safe handling and disposal of dry ice are printed on the bag containing the ice. Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide and should be used only in well-ventilated areas. Children and pets should be kept safely away from dry ice.


Customers can report outages and check service restoration status at, or with our mobile app for iOS or Android devices, or by calling 1-800-75-CONED (1-800-752-6633). When calling, customers should report whether their neighbors also have lost power. 


Customers who report outages will receive updates with their estimated restoration times as they become available.


Customers can follow Con Edison on Twitter or like us on Facebook for general outage updates, safety tips and storm preparation information.