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"How Much Juice Does It Use?"

New Video Series Compares Household Products for Cheapest and Most Energy Efficient -- Most people know the longer you run an A/C, the more juice you use, and the more money drops out of your wallet.  That’s why Con Edison is launching a social media video-series targeting specific ways New Yorkers can reduce energy use and cut their monthly utility bills.

"The series, “How Much Juice Does It Use?” focuses on common household appliances and everyday habits. It introduces power usage alternatives that spell out big savings during hot summer months.

The first video, how to save on cooling costs, can be viewed by clicking the following link and is available for imbedding with media affiliates:

  • A/C UNIT -- If you run a standard 1,200-watt window air conditioner (on average 12  hours a day from July through September), you’ll end up “drinking” more than 1,300-kilowatt hours worth of juice.  Which means based on current New York rates, you’ll be spending close to $120 a month extra to keep cool.
  • BOX-FAN-- A 100-watt box fan spinning for 12 hours will sip 100-kilowatt hours of juice and only add about $10 a month to your bill.
  • CEILING FAN -- A 75-watt ceiling fan will quaff a modest 83-kilowatt hours of juice and add about $7 dollars to your monthly bill.
  • RECOMMENDATION -- If you really want to keep your costs down, alternate running your A/C with a fan to circulate the cool air.

 The videos were produced with Con Edison personnel using information compiled from analytic and energy usage experts.  They will compare savings on various appliances such as using microwaves vs. stoves and irons vs. dryers.

Con Edison will release the videos via Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube."

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