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An electric transmission tower.

How We Source Our Electricity

Your electricity makes a long journey, from source to destination, all for you to easily turn on your lights with the flip of a switch.

Getting Electricity to You

Transferring your electricity from its sources all the way to you requires lots of starts and stops along the way.
How we source and transport electricity to customers.
  • 1 Source

    We source electricity from all over New York, whether it’s from solar, wind, or generating stations.

  • 4 Area Substation

    The voltage is stepped down for distribution.

  • 2 Transmission Substation

    Then, we step up the voltage for transmission over wires.

  • 5 Transformers

    The voltage is stepped again in preparation for its final stop at your home or business.

  • 3 Transmission Lines

    Nearly 128,000 miles of cables carry your electricity throughout the sourcing process.

  • 6 Your Home or Business

    Finally, the power makes its way to you, all with no delay, despite the journey.