Specifications for Private Generation

General Guides and Specifications for Local Generation Customers Who Do Not Earn Private Solar Credits

Energy Storage Guide for customers interconnecting energy storage systems

Fuel Cell Guide for customers interconnecting fuel cell technologies.

Con Edison Combined Heat and Power Guide for combined heat and power projects.

Interconnection Guide for Large Combined Heat and Power Projects for projects between 5 and 20 MW.

Local Generation General Requirements: Con Edison's handbook of general requirements for electrical service to dispersed generation.

Generator Operation and Maintenance: General requirements for the operation and maintenance of local generation equipment at your site.

If you’re installing a system above 5 MW, email us for guidance on specification. Specifications for High-Tension Service Customers (for Local Generation Voltage Connection > 4KV)

High-Tension Customer Service Requirements: Con Edison's general specification for high-tension service customers.

High-Tension Customer Operation and Maintenance: Operation and maintenance of all equipment if you have high-tension service at your premises.

Community Distributed Generation Projects

Community DG Procedural Requirements for Value Stack (file will automatically download)
Community DG Procedural Requirements - Grandfathered Net-Metering and Phase 1 Net-Metering (file will automatically download)

Specifications for Emergency Generation

Emergency Generation “Break-Before-Make” Switch Load Transfer: This describes the requirements for the transfer of load from the company's supply to or from your emergency generators.

Emergency Generation Transition Switch Load Transfer: This describes the requirements for a switch that allows for uninterrupted power while transferring load from emergency generation back to Con Edison supply, through a brief “make-before-break” transition switch.

Specifications for Microgrids

Technical Requirements for Microgrid Systems: This manual describes the requirements for microgrids using the Company’s distribution system to deliver power though the microgrid.

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