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An aerial view of a solar farm

Guides and Specifications for Private Generation

General Guides

Energy Storage Guide: For customers considering installing or upgrading an Energy Storage System up to 5 MW.
Fuel Cell Guide for customers interconnecting fuel cell less than 5MW.
Solar Photovoltaics Guide: For customers who are considering installing or upgrading photovoltaic (solar) power generators less than 5 MW.
Large Combined Heat and Power Guide: For customers who are either installing or upgrading natural gas-supplied private generation systems that are or will be connected to Con Edison’s electric distribution system, generate up to 20 MW, and are primarily dedicated to supporting customer load.
Information Guide for DER Customers (>5MW to 20MW) Installing High Tension Service: For DG voltage connection > 4KV.
Distribution Engineering Cost Guide contains typical costs to perform a Coordinated Electric System Interconnection Review.

Blue and Yellow Books

A Customer Guide to Electrical Service Installation – Electric Blue Book
A Customer Guide to Natural Gas Service Installation – Gas Yellow Book


Electrical Service to Dispersed Generation Customers: Requirements for small and independent power producers with a capacity up to 20 MW.
Generator Operation and Maintenance: Requirements for the operation and maintenance of local generation equipment at your site.


Customer Service Requirements
Customer Operation and Maintenance
Non-Network Distribution Requirements

Emergency Generation Switch Load Transfer

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