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A mother and daughter walking down a city street.

Energy for Every Day

We're moving all of New York into the cleaner, greener future.

A young girl getting on a schoolbus.

A modern grid for everyone.

Con Edison is transforming our energy systems — so clean energy powers more of the moments that make New York our home. That's energy for every day. 
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A women looking outside from an open car window.

We're charging up more electric vehicles than ever before ...


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A group of people dancing outside a brownstone building. Bubble are in the air around them.

... and empowering more neighborhoods to make energy-efficient upgrades.

Our incentives help homes and business make heating, cooling, and lighting upgrades while reducing costs — that's something to celebrate.

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A person is working in a garden.

A growing green economy means more opportunities ...

We're helping to fund local nonprofits that train and support communities to become part of the expanding green workforce.
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A person is working with underground cables.

... and our commitment to powering every New York moment is always on.

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