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How to Get Your Gas Back

After a gas leak is reported and your service is shut off, our priority is restoring your service as safely and quickly as possible. Here’s what to expect, step by step.
  1. Your building manager hires a licensed plumber. If you’re the homeowner, you hire the plumber.
  2. The plumber files documents with your local buildings department and Con Edison before beginning repairs. When the repairs are complete, the plumber notifies the buildings department.
  3. The buildings department reviews the case and approves. This may involve an onsite inspection by the local plumbing inspector.
  4. With an approval from the buildings department, the plumber updates Con Edison.
  5. Con Edison typically restores your gas service in two steps – a visual inspection and a leak test. After the plumber’s repair work passes our visual inspection, we’ll schedule a leak test.
  6. Con Edison field crews test your pipes for gas leaks. Con Edison can turn on your home’s gas service again when no leaks are detected.

Cooking gas issue?

If you live in an apartment building and need your cooking gas turned on, crews may need to visit each household individually. If they can’t gain access to an apartment, it can delay restoration for other apartments in the same building. Building superintendents may be able to help us enter apartments if no one is home.

If you’re not the homeowner, please contact your building manager for the status of the restoration of your gas service.

Note: If a problem with the repair work is detected at any point, the plumber has to make more repairs before your case can advance.

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