A photo of an electric vehicle being charged

One-Year Price Guarantee for Electric Vehicle Owners

Own an electric vehicle? You can try our time-of-use rate for one year with no risk. After you’ve been billed on time-of-use for 12 months, we’ll compare what you paid under time-of-use rates with what you would have paid under our standard residential rate. If you paid more, we’ll credit your account for the difference.

To apply, send the following to EVprograms@conEd.com:

  • Your name, 15-digit Con Edison account number, and phone number.
  • A signed, written request to be billed under the voluntary time-of-use rate.
  • Please specify if you have solar panels installed atyour home or are in the process of installing solar panels.
  • A copy of your electric vehicle registration with an address that matches the service address of your Con Edison account. If your registration doesn't match the service address, please provide a copy of your registration along with other documentation verifying that the electric vehicle will be charged at your home.


  • No equipment other than an electric-vehicle charger may be connected to the meter billed under the EV-only time-of-use rate.
  • If you live in a building where the electric bill is included in your rent or maintenance charges and do not have a Con Edison account, you may still be able to benefit from this rate.

For more information, email EVPrograms@conEd.com.