Get Lighting for Your Business at No Cost

Con Edison wants to lower your electricity costs while improving the efficiency of your small business. As part of a pilot program, we’re offering energy efficient lighting at no cost.

Small businesses selected to be part of our pilot program will receive coupon codes that can be redeemed for free lighting through Con Edison’s Marketplace.

Participants can select any combination of five different types of eligible commercial lighting below.

Eligible Lighting

Current Lighting Compatible Replacement Link
60w -75w A19
incandescent or 18w CFL
Philips A19 9.5w 2700K,
25,000 hrs
 65w BR40 incandescent or 23w BR40 CFL  Philips BR40 9w DIM 2700K,
 25, 000 hrs
40w-65w BR30,Incandescent or 15w R30 CFL Philips BR30 9w DIM
2700K, 25,000 hrs
65w-100w PAR38,Halogen Sylvania PAR38 14w 3000K,
25,000 hrs
*F32 T8 fluorescent,48’” long (T8
existing lamp is 1” in dia.),similar to LED 4’ replacement
Philips T8 10w 4000K
48” LED tube, 50,000 hrs
*These T8 tube lamps are compatible with most but not all instant-start ballasts and some programmed-start and emergency ballasts. The lamps are not equipped for either magnetic or rapid-start ballasts. Please verify your existing ballast by reviewing the list of compatible equipment.


Your complimentary lighting order will be shipped for free to your businesses.

As early as four weeks after your order is placed, Con Edison’s partner, Willdan, will conduct a site inspection to verify that all lighting is installed at your business, so make plans to install the lighting shortly after you receive it.

Redeem Now

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By redeeming your free lighting at no cost with use of the coupon code, you agree to allow Willdan or another Con Edison designee to conduct this inspection to verify that the lighting was installed.