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Submit Heat Pump Projects and Custom Solutions

Understand the Incentives

Here’s how much you can qualify for:

Category Description Incentive


Partial Load Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump $500/outdoor condenser unit


Full Load Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump $2,000/10,000 Btu/h


Full Load Ground Source Heat Pump

$2,850/10,000 Btu/h



$150/MMBTU of annual energy savings


Heat Pump Water Heater (<120 Gallons)

6 Heat Pump Water Heater (>120 Gallons) $80/MMBTU of annual energy savings
7 Ground Source Heat Pump Desuperheater $150/Unit
8 Dedicated Domestic Hot Water: Water-to-water Heat Pump $1,000/Unit


Simultaneous Installation of Space Heating Water Heating $250 Additional bonus incentive

Incentive Caps

We will cover up to:

  • 100% of the measure cost
  • 70% of the total project costs

Interested in applying?

Our step-by-step guides have everything you need to get started.

Have a project ready to go?

Here’s how to apply:

  1. Read the Commercial and Industrial Program Guide to understand project requirements.
  2. Fill out the Commercial and Industrial Clean Heat Project Application.
  3. Email us to submit your application.

Please note: You must work with a participating contractor in the New York State Clean Heat Program to apply.

Find a Clean Heat Contractor

Have a custom heat pump solution?

You may qualify for $150 per MMbtu of energy savings if your project includes VRFs, large commercial cold climate air source heat pumps, large capacity ground source heat pumps, or other systems. Read the Commercial and Industrial Program Guide to learn about project requirements or reach out to us with your questions.

Email Us to Get Started

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