Demand Management Incentives for Multifamily Buildings

Help us lower our peak load on the hottest days and we’ll give you financial incentives to manage your energy use and save money.

Our Demand Management Program is open to customers, market partners, and aggregators.

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Incentives for the 2018 program will be auctioned at least twice as described in the Technical Data Requirements.

Projects with highest chances of winning an incentive award will:

  1. Have the lowest incentive requested on a kW reduced basis. Applicants are encouraged to propose incentive levels lower than the ceiling levels shown below.
  2. Be “advanced technology" projects as described in Appendix B of the Technical Data Requirements, though other project types are also eligible.
  3. Minimize total cost while maximizing kW reduction level.

Projects not selected for an incentive in the first auction can reapply to future auctions.


Final Application Deadline

Award Date





Project Type

Project Completion Deadline

HVAC, BMS/Controls, DR Enablement – Controls

August 1, 2018

High Efficiency Electric Chiller, Thermal Storage, Battery

September 14, 2018

Non-Electric Chiller, DR Enablement – Generator

October 15, 2018

Incentive Limits

All incentives will be capped at the lesser of:

  1. 50 percent of the project cost estimate as determined by Con Edison, or
  2. 50 percent of the actual project costs, or
  3. Incentive levels listed in the chart below, based on kW estimates as determined by Con Edison, or
  4. $3 million per project, or
  5. $5.5 million per market partner or applicant (see Appendix A in the Technical Data Requirements for more information)


Project Type

Ceiling Incentive Levels

Thermal Storage


Battery Storage


High Efficiency Electric Chiller/HVAC/BMS/Controls


DR Enablement (for CHP, covers only incremental kWs that can be generated above base load level)


Steam Turbine Chiller, Double Stage Absorption Chiller, Gas Driven Chiller*


Single Stage Absorption Chiller*


Steam Turbine Chiller Control Panel for Improved Efficiency*


* Use .55kW/ton factor to convert to $/ton


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