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Savings for Affordable Multifamily Building Owners and Managers

If your building is developed and maintained as income eligible, you may qualify for higher savings on equipment upgrades.

If the building you manage is designated as affordable housing, you may qualify for energy efficient retrofits that can help you reduce energy costs. These upgrades can be made in tenant spaces and common areas, and may include weatherization, ENERGY STAR–certified LEDs, insulation, boiler tune-ups, and more.

Standard Measures and Incentive Offers

Incentives for Gas Customers
Incentives for Electric Customers 

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Limited-Time Bonus Incentives for 2021

If your building was developed and is being maintained as affordable housing, you could be eligible for a 25% incentive bonus on common area lighting and other electric technologies listed below. To be eligible for the increased incentives all projects must be submitted by September 15 and installed by October 31, 2021

Energy Conservation Measures   Current Incentive Bonus Incentive
Common Area Lighting

See incentive list

+25% of current incentives
 Variable Frequency Drive projects $0.29 per kWh $0.35 per kWh
 Blower Fan – EC Motor for Furnace Distr. $0.75 per kWh $0.80 per kWh
 Circulator Pump – EC Motor for Hydronic Distr. $0.75 per kWh $0.80 per kWh 
 Custom Incentive (Non-Unitary Controls) $0.75 per kWh $0.80 per kWh 
 Incentive Cap for VFDs, EC Motors and Custom Projects Max. 70% of the project cost  Max. 85% of the project cost 


This bonus is not applicable to areas in Brooklyn and Queens eligible for Neighborhood Program incentives.

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How to Apply for Higher Rebates

  1. Please use our eligibility screener to determine whether your building qualifies as affordable housing and provide supportive documentation to confirm your eligibility. See acceptable supportive documentation list.
  2. Submit an interest form to be contacted by our authorized contractor, Willdan Energy Solutions. Willdan will provide you with information about incentives you qualify for and how you can apply for them.
  3. Review and choose from the list of participating contractors who are eligible to install your upgrades. See Participating Contractors.
  4. Complete an application.
  5. For the prescriptive rebate, please include any applicable tools and forms with your application.

Prescriptive Rebate Tools and Forms

For detailed information about measure requirements, refer to our program manual.

If your building is not developed and maintained as affordable housing, you may be eligible for market-rate incentives.

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