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Condensing Boiler 1,000 MBTUh or Less

Program: Midstream Water and Space Heating
Equipment Category: HVAC
Equipment Sub-Category: Space Heating
Equipment Name: Condensing Boiler 1,000 MBTUh or less
Base Customer Incentive: None
Incentive Unit: MBTUH 
Distributor Incentive: $6.00

Potential Maximum Incentive Dollar Amount by Eligible Equipment


This listing of potential maximum incentive dollar amount by eligible equipment is provided for information only and not as a promise or guarantee of incentives, and all users of the information provided are solely responsible for determining the suitability of any equipment listed for a given project.


In addition to the listing of potential maximum incentives by eligible equipment for participation in a Con Edison program, there is also the potential of additional (or adder) incentives for eligible equipment installed at sites located in Con Edison’s Non-Wires Solutions and Non-Pipeline Solutions service areas, and also the potential of periodic bonus incentives that might apply to program incentives and/or adder incentives. Whether and to what extent program incentives, adder incentives, and bonus incentives apply will be based on program rules, timing, and availability, which may change at any time. Please follow the prompts from the measure and program pages to get to your potential maximum program incentives, as well as, if any, potential adder incentives and potential bonus incentives.