Business Energy Pro Frequently Asked Questions

  • Together with New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), we aim to transform the energy efficiency market by leveraging smart meter technology to measure energy savings and analyze customers’ energy consumption trends.

    With Business Energy Pro, savings are measured based on weather-normalized meter data and aggregated at a portfolio level. The goal of the pilot is to accomplish deeper retrofit savings, provide flexibility and reduce transaction costs for stakeholders, and increase market confidence through a results-based compensation model.

    Any small or medium commercial Con Edison customer on Staten Island or in Westchester County with a smart meter installed is eligible to participate in the pilot.

  • All eligible customers for Business Energy Pro would not be eligible to participate in the Commercial Direct Install program, as both target the same customer base with energy efficiency solutions. A Business Energy Pro-eligible customer, for instance, can still participate in Smart Usage Rewards (Demand Response) program, as it’s from a different funding stream.
  • Con Edison will not be providing smart meter data for customer targeting, but we’re exploring options to assist with customer targeting. We will be providing more high-level customer data to the contracted portfolio managers for customer outreach purposes. More details are available in the Awareness Campaign and Marketing section of the Request for Proposal. Smart meter data is only provided to the portfolio manager after the customer consent form is signed and submitted to the software provider.
  • Business Energy Pro features measure-agnostic approach to provide innovative, cost-effective energy efficiency solutions for customers. Proposed projects have to be comprehensive, beyond single measure to achieve deeper savings. Example of services can include equipment upgrades, building retrofits, behavioral, and retro-commissioning activities.
  • Business Energy Pro takes a fuel-neutral approach and will compensate the portfolio managers based on portfolio level meter-based savings at a contracted price/mmBTU basis. There is a special emphasis on targeting gas efficiency solutions in Westchester county, therefore natural gas savings during winter peak periods will be paid at a rate of two times the contract price.

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