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Introducing the Smart Energy Plan

In the past, the only way for customers to save was to cut back on their overall energy use—something we know can be difficult. Now with the Smart Energy Plan, we’re giving customers more control.

How the Smart Energy Plan is Different

The Smart Energy Plan is a three-year pilot we’re conducting in Staten Island, Westchester County, and Brooklyn. About 295,000 customers in these areas will be recruited for the pilot and will either be enrolled automatically or given the option to opt-in. Customers may opt-out of the pilot at any time. Customers are randomly selected to participate in the pilot and will receive multiple communications to inform them of their selection.

The Smart Energy Plan will test a variety of new rates, through which the delivery portion of customers’ bills will be based on how efficiently they use the grid. Delivery costs will be based on when customers choose to use electricity and how much electricity their devices use at the same time. The fewer devices used at once, the less energy needed to power them.

The difference between our standard delivery rate and the Smart Energy Plan is like the difference between a car’s speedometer and odometer. The speedometer indicates a car’s speed at a specific moment in time, similar to how delivery will now be measured. The odometer indicates the number of miles a car travels over time, similar to how delivery is measured on the standard rate.

There Are Two Ways to Save

On our standard rate, customers are charged the same price for electric delivery regardless of when they use energy. The Smart Energy Plan, however, prices electric delivery higher during peak periods, when demand for electricity typically goes up. Customers pay less during off-peak periods, when demand is lower.

For some customers, the peak period will be noon to 8:00 p.m. For others, it will be 2:00 p.m. to 10:00p.m. The off-peak period includes all other hours, including all day on weekends and certain holidays.

In both cases, the Smart Energy Plan offers customers two ways to save.

Stagger the use of large electric devices instead of using them all at once to keep costs low.

Shift energy use to off-peak hours to see even greater savings

Staggering the use of large devices can save energy and money, especially during peak hours. Waiting until off-peak hours and staggering the use of large devices saves the most money.

Can anyone participate?

Customers not recruited for the Smart Energy Plan, including those outside of the pilot areas, can enroll on a “walk-in” basis, provided they have a smart meter and working communications equipment installed at their home or business. Please call 1-800-75-CONED (1-800-752-6633) to learn more.