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You’re on the Fixed Delivery Billing Plan

With the Fixed Delivery Billing Plan, you can manage your energy use and costs more easily than ever before. Since your delivery plan is fixed based on how you’ve used energy in the past, you have a better idea of what to expect each month.

How the Fixed Delivery Billing Plan is Different

The delivery portion of your bill is based on how efficiently you use the grid.

Your delivery cost is based on when you choose to use electricity and how much electricity your devices use at the same time. To lower your delivery costs, use fewer devices simultaneously.

A Plan Tailored to Your Energy Use

In the past, the delivery portion of your bill changed from month to month. Now, your plan will be customized based on the way you used energy over the last 12 months and fixed for the next 12 months. How you use energy this year will determine your rate when your plan renews next year.

Think of it like a cell phone data plan personalized based on the average amount of data you used over the past year. Your fixed plan is tailored to your unique energy needs, making it easier to stick to a budget.

How to Save Long-term

Stagger the use of your large electric devices instead of using them all at the same time and you may be able to lower next year’s delivery charge.

Fixed Delivery Billing Plan Rate

On the Fixed Delivery Billing Plan, you pay $19.59 per kW. Multiply this by the total number of kW included in your plan to get your fixed delivery charge.*

See How You Can Save

Even if you use the same amount of energy, you can still reduce next year’s total energy costs if you consistently stagger your use of large devices. If you stagger consistently, you could save as much as 1 kW and see about a $20 difference in your monthly bills next year.

Even though your plan is fixed, it’s still important to be mindful of how you’re using energy because your behavior will affect next year’s delivery charge. Don’t worry if you don’t see immediate savings—you’ll get them next year if you stagger and shift your energy usage this year.

Get Ready to Take Control of Your Energy Bill 

If you decide the Fixed Delivery Billing Plan is not right for you, you can opt out at any time with no penalty or termination fee.

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*Same as on your previous rate, a customer charge, plus applicable taxes and surcharges, also applies.